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How to Prevent Gout

In this short writeup, you’ll discover some of the best tips and tricks on how to prevent gout and stop it from ever coming back to bother you. This article will be a good read for you; – especially if you have been suffering recurrent bouts of gout attacks. It will also be a good read for you who has never had gout but want to learn how to avoid or prevent it.

Best tips on how to prevent gout attacks involve lifestyle changes!

Since gout is caused by accumulation of uric acid in the body, the most effective way of preventing gout is making lifestyle changes that will lead to lower concentrations of uric acid in your body. These changes may range from a modification in your diet to use of medications that prevent gout attacks from occurring.

Healthy lifestyle changes that help in prevention of gout.

a)     Avoiding foods that are high in purines: when you reduce the consumption of foods which contain high concentrations of purines the level of uric acid in your body will begin to recede to their normal levels. Examples of foods which are purine rich include: seafood, kidneys and liver

b)    Maintaining a healthy body weight: if you are obese, it would be best if you put an effort in reducing your weight. Obesity is one of the factors linked to gout therefore reducing your weight will help in lowering the levels of uric acid in your body and prevent any gout attacks from occurring in the future. However, avoid engaging in diets or programs which will result in sudden weight loss as this may have adverse effects on your well-being. An article on how to prevent gout will never be complete if body weight is not mentioned, so watch your weight!

c)     Minimize or avoid consumption of alcoholic drinks: Alcohol hinders the efficient excretion of uric acid by the kidneys because it reduces the rate at which uric acid is removed from the body. Cutting back on the consumption of alcohol will help in stabilizing the concentration of uric acid in your system and prevent the occurrence of gout.

d)    Check the medication you are using: if you are under medication for another condition you should always consult your doctor to know whether the medication poses a risk of causing gout. If the medication can cause gout then it would be better to seek an alternative kind of medication.

e)     Drink plenty of water: drinking of water regularly is not only a healthy thing to do but also a way of preventing gout from affecting an individual.  Water will prevent the accumulation of uric acid in your body as it acts as a solvent for uric acid and will facilitate it excretion from the body through urination. The recommended amount of water you should take each day is about 8-10 glasses of water.

f)      Going for regular checkups: this is an effective way of detecting gout before any symptoms begin to manifest.  A factor such as high blood pressure is known to cause gout. Therefore going for a complete checkup once or twice a year will help in prevention of gout and other ailments.

How to Prevent Gout Attacks Using Medication

1) Allopurinol

This medication is commonly prescribed by doctors to help in prevention of gout attacks. Allopurinol is neither a pain killer nor does it alleviate any symptoms experienced during a gout attack. Allopurinol mainly works by reducing the concentration of uric acid in your bloodstream to prevent the risk of gout. It normally takes about 3 months for the medication to take full effect.  Allopurinol should be taken consistently on daily basis for effective prevention of gout.

Allopurinol is normally prescribed if;

  • There is damage to the joints and kidneys caused by gout.
  • You have experienced more than two gout attacks in one year.
  • You have kidney stones resulting from high concentration of uric acid in your body.
  • There are signs of tophi developing in your joints and tendons.

Normally allopurinol is not known to have any side effects, but should it have an adverse reaction with your body the doctor may subscribe an alternative medication such as febuxostat to serve the same purpose. You should carefully read the instructions that come with the medication as the dosage may differ from one kind of medication to another, but the recommended amounts of allopurinol that one should take daily range between 100-300mg.

2) Taking Vitamin C supplements

Recent research studies indicate that taking vitamin C supplements may also help in preventing gout. One study showed that people who had a low intake of vitamin C had a high probability of developing gout.

But if you do not prefer using vitamin C supplements, eating of fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C will also work.

How to prevent gout; – is a popular question asked by so many people who have suffered from it, or are suspecting they will be suffering form it.  As you might already know, prevention is always the best option, therefore using the above information to effect changes in your lifestyle will minimize your chances of developing gout and there will be a general improvement in your health.

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