Symptoms of Gout

Gout is caused by the buildup of uric acid in the body; this condition can be categorized as a form of arthritis. This build up usually leads to the formation of tiny microscopic crystals around joints, which may trigger a painful reaction in the joints. Gout also affects the functioning of organs like the liver and kidneys.

The following are signs and symptoms that are associated with gout:

  1. Experiencing sudden discomfort and pain in a particular joint; gout is mainly known to attack joints in the big toe, but other joints such as ankle, wrist and knee joints can also be affected.
  2. Peeling of skin and itchiness at the affected joint.
  3. Redness, swellings, inflammations; this occurs around joints that experience a severe attack of gout which causes the surrounding tissues to become reddish, tender and swollen.
  4. Due to elevated body temperature you may experience fever.
  5. Reduced flexibility in the joints resulting difficulty in executing certain movements.
  6. The skin around the joint may turn purplish or dark red in some instances it might cause the patient to confuse it with an infection.
  7. The first attacks of gout may be characterized by appearance of nodules in area like the hands and elbows.
  8. Sudden disappearance of symptoms after the first attack this may lead to development of chronic gout if the patient doesn’t seek medical attention immediately after the first attack.

If you experience some symptoms of gout, do a blood test

It is usually better to know the potential risk factors that point to an impending gout attack. Because we know that gout is primarily caused by excessive amounts of uric acid in the blood, then one way of detecting gout in its early stages is by going for a blood test.  The test may give you some information on whether or not you are about to develop gout. The disadvantage of the blood test is that it does not indicate whether or not urate crystals have started forming around the joints and in some cases the levels of uric acid in the  bloodstream may be lower for a person who is about to get a gout attack than for a normal person therefore resulting in an inaccurate diagnosis. Doctors normally test for urate crystals in the in the joint fluids to confirm you have gout.

Are there ways to detect gout before symptoms manifest?

Since uric acid causes the acidity of your blood to increase, you can look out for the following symptoms of acidosis to assist you in detecting gout before it starts manifesting symptoms:

  • Gastric disturbances and problems

When your body experiences an increase in acidity, it will try to counter the condition by using whichever means available to it in order to reduce the acidity and make the pH levels to go back to their normal levels. One of the things that the body will do to counteract the acidity in your system will be increasing the release of gastric acids in the stomach. It will also try to release more bicarbonate into your bloodstream to neutralize the acidity.

  • You will experience a lowered sex drive

When there is an increase of acidity in your body, it causes an interruption in the production and functioning of certain hormones in the body. Some of these hormones are responsible for generating the sexual urge in a person and if the production of these hormones is interrupted, it will result in a lower libido and a generally drop in sexual performance.

  • General and frequent feelings of tiredness

A high concentration of acidity in your system interferes with the normal transportation of oxygen and nutrients to the various cells in the body. Therefore when your brain and other tissues like muscles do not receive an adequate supply of oxygen and nutrients, it will result in feelings of tiredness and fatigue.

These are the most common symptoms linked that may be linked to gout due to excessive uric acid in the bloodstream. You can also assist your body in counteracting the acidity by consuming alkaline rich foods and drinks.

Symptoms of Gout? – Go and see a doctor before it becomes serious

If you experience any of the symptoms discussed above, it would be advisable to go and seek medical attention immediately. This is because gout will lead to damage of joints and other tissues in your body if it is left untreated. Therefore   don’t hesitate to go to a doctor, it might turn out not to be gout but it is always good to be sure.

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