Natural Cures for Gout

Lately people are turning to natural cures to help them in treatment of gout; some of the reasons that have brought this shift are that natural cures are relatively cheaper than other conventional medications used in treatment of gout, natural cures have minimal side effects when being used and they also contribute to the general improvement of a person’s health.

Natural cures for gout work by;

  • Reducing the pain experienced during a gout attack and also counteracting other symptoms caused by gout.
  • Neutralizing and reducing levels of uric acid in your body which is a cause of gout.
  • Preventing your body from future attacks of gout by maintaining normal levels of uric acid in your body.

If you are considering using natural cures in treatment of gout then any of the cures outlined below can be used as an effective treatment of gout:

1- Intake of Vitamin C

Recently it has been shown that Vitamin C also called ascorbic acid can be used as a natural cure for gout. Vitamin C helps to cure gout by reducing the concentration of uric acid back to their normal levels. 500 milligrams is the recommended amount of Vitamin C you should take per day.

Vitamin supplements can be used to provide Vitamin C but eating fruits rich in Vitamin C such as Lime is always the better option.

2- Eating of cherries

This is also an effective natural remedy for treating gout. Cherries contain flavonoids which help in counteracting effects of uric acid in the affected joints. The specific flavonoids contained in cherries that help treating gout are called anthocyanins. Anthocyanins help to inhibit enzymes that are released during a gout attack hence reducing the pain results from a gout attack.

Cherries can either be eaten as a whole or they can be juiced and consumed as a health drink. The recommended number of cherries that you can take each day is about 20- 25; this will provide the required amount of flavonoids that is needed by your body.

3- Drinking plenty of water

Dehydration is one of the primary causes that increase the risk of gout. Dehydration hiders your body’s ability to excrete uric acid from your blood therefore creating an environment that encourages the development of gout. Thus taking plenty of water each day will help in flushing excess uric acid from your system consequently stopping any further progression of gout in your body. This is especially recommended for people having hyperuricemia which is a condition characterized by high concentrations of uric acid in the bloodstream.

4- Celery seed extracts

Consumption of celery seed extracts is also a well known natural cure for gout and other problems that result from excessive amounts of uric acid in your body.

5- Using gout diet

Another way of curing gout naturally involves changing your diet to a gout diet. Uric acid, the substances that is responsible for causing gout, is produced when the body breaks down foods that are high in purines. Thus if you are able to minimize intake of such foods and substitute them with other alternatives you will be able to treat gout effectively.

Foods that are high in purines include;

  • Meat specifically organ meats like liver and kidneys
  • Sea foods for example anchovies

You can substitute them with legumes which contain lower purine content and still provide your body with the required nutrients. You are also encouraged to consume more greens and vegetables as they also contribute in the treatment of gout.  Hence using a gout diet coupled with simple exercises that are not strenuous to joint will help in reduction of weight and cure gout in a natural way.

Other natural alternatives you can use in combating gout include;

  • Alfalfa
  • Ginger
  • Garlic
  • Castor oil
  • Cloves

Using either of the above alternatives will also contribute in the treatment of gout.

Natural cures for gout – Conclusion

When using natural means to cure gout, some discipline and commitment will be required on your side in order to effectively cure gout.  One advantage of these natural cures for gout is that you need not to discontinue there usage after the gout is treated , you can comfortably continue using them as they will prevent any future gout attacks from occurring and also rejuvenate you overall heath.

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