Gout Treatment

With today’s advances in the field of medicine, it is possible to effectively treat gout and live a productive life. There are various treatments that can be employed in successful management and treatment of the condition.  Gout treatment is mainly aimed at;

  • Reducing the pain experienced by the individual during the gout attacks.
  • Prevention of future attacks from taking place.
  • Minimize the formation of tophi in the various tissues in the body for example tendons and bone.
  • Prevents the formation of kidney stones and other conditions such as kidney failure.
  • Safeguard the joints from damage that results from gout.

Before any form of treatment is prescribed, diagnosis of gout has to be done. Once an accurate diagnosis has been performed the following treatments can be used:

Some Gout Treatments to consider

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs also NSAIDs are one of the common kinds of treatment that are used. Normally taken orally, NSAIDs help in the reduction of inflammations around the affected joints. The main cause for these inflammations is the accumulation of tiny urate crystals in the joints. However NSAIDs have little or no effect on the uric acid concentration in your body. Some examples of NSAIDs that are usually prescribed include:

-       Naproxen( also called Naprosyn)
-       Indomethacin.

The other kind of treatment for gout is corticosteroids. These are hormones that also suppress inflammations that are caused by gout. They are administered through injections to the affected joints; their effects are usually felt within a couple of hours while the gout attack will take about a week’s time to diminish completely. One kind of corticosteroid that is prescribed by doctors is prednisone.

Colchicine is another effective form of treatment for gout. This treatment is taken by patients who cannot tolerate NSAIDs; the only downside to Colchicine is that it induces side effects such as vomiting, nausea, abdominal pains and even diarrhea hence limiting its usage. Examples of Colchicine medications include:    erythromycin and atorvastatin.

Preventative gout treatments

Once the gout attacks have subsided, more medication may be prescribed by the doctor. This is mainly done to prevent future attacks of gout from taking place. Usually you will be asked to take small doses of either NSAIDs or Colchicine each day for this purpose.

Additional Tips to Ensure the Treatment Is Effective

1- To avoid any future gout attacks from taking place, ensure you take the medication prescribed without missing a dose. You are also advised to read the instructions on the medication to know what dosage you should take and at what time it should be taken. You should always go for early treatment when the first symptoms are detected especially for acute gout.

2- If you are currently taking other forms of medication, it is always good to inform your doctor because the medication may be one of the factors contributing to your gout.

3- Ensure you do follow up visits so the doctors can monitor whether there are improvements in your condition. If there are other complications, chances of detecting them in their early stages will be high.

4- One factor that is linked to gout is diet; certain foods are capable of raising the amount of uric acid in you system. Therefore you should minimize or avoid consuming foods that are high in purines like meat, but always make sure your meals are balanced. Additionally, take lots of fluids daily especially water to help in flushing out the uric acid in your body.

5- Some medicines such as low dose aspirin are known to increase uric acid concentration in the blood; therefore they should not be taken during the treatment period as they will be counteracting the gout medication.

6- Exercise is another important part in overall treatment of gout and other conditions. Engage in regular exercises daily to ensure you weight is kept check. This is especially good if you are overweight. Though you should avoid engaging in programs that will bring a quick reduction in your weight as this sudden fluctuation of weight may trigger an increase of uric acid content in your system. At the same time ensure the exercises are simple so as not to exert stress on the affected joints.

If the treatment is properly done the gout will be successfully treated and chances of getting another attack will be significantly reduced. Therefore if you were to get a gout attack do not take any chances, ensure you seek early treatment for the condition.

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